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Lucy Burdette is releasing the third installment of her advice column series (written as Roberta Isleib), starring psychologist Rebecca Butterman and Detective Jack Meigs, Asking for Murder on October 6. To celebrate she’s offering the first Deadly-Advice-(72-DPI)in the series, Deadly Advice, FREE!

Psychologist Dr. Rebecca Butterman specializes in offering snappy relationship advice to lovelorn readers of Bloom! magazine. She rarely stumbles when solving the troubles of Dazed in Dayton or Anxious in Anchorage. But when her own husband double-crosses her and her next-door neighbor dies under suspicious circumstances, Rebecca is left without answers. While writing a column on the modern singles scene, Rebecca finds herself tracing her neighbor’s steps into a dark dating world she never knew existed. Can she trust her own perceptions, or will she succumb to deadly advice?

The next book in this series, Preaching to the Corpse, will be available for $.99, 3 days only, September 27 to 30. In book two of this suspenseful mystery series, it’s Christmas time in picture-postcard perfect Guilford, Connecticut, but someone’s taking the joy out of the season–with murder.