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I’m a big lover of pie but not a great lover of a house made hot by baking. If you share my train of thought stop by your pielibrary for the Deppen Pie fundraiser. Local libraries are taking orders for Deppen pies until Thursday, August 17 with pick up on August 30 after noon. Pottsville and Ashland for sure…check your library to see if there is a closer library for pick up. A Deppen pie would be the perfect addition to your Labor Day cookout or a special dessert after the first day of school!  You can pop these pies in the freezer and save them for later (just the fruit ones, not the custard or sponge ones). Stop by your library and see if they are participating.  Pies are just $10. You can choose from:

  • blueberry crumb
  • apple crumb
  • strawberry/rhubarb crumb
  • cherry crumb
  • peach crumb
  • raisin crumb
  • shoofly
  • coconut custard
  • lemon sponge
  • no sugar apple