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silentnightsYou all know that I dream of being Martin Edwards, don’t you? Not only does he write his own great crime fiction but he spends his spare time perusing dusty old manuscripts to compile anthologies of  little known works of the great mystery writers of old (as well as a few with more modern writers). But I love the ones made up of classic mystery writers. So, Christmas and murder don’t seem like two things that should go together. We should be happy, joyful, singing fa-la-la. But when the holiday spirit gets to be a little too much for you try Silent Nights.

Some of the stories are true Christmas stories (with a bit of crime thrown in) while others just barely mention Christmas and are all about the crime. These writers did fabulous jobs of constructing puzzles in the confines of a short story. A few even challenge you to explain how the crime was committed (there’s a cheat sheet at the end of the book to see if you got the whos and hows correct).  There is a wide variety of crimes, writing styles and lengths of pieces. It will be a whole new look at mystery writing for most readers.

With the demands of the holidays and all the time demands we face Silent Nights is perfect. You can take ten minutes to read a story here, ten minutes to read a story there. It also makes an ideal gift for the mystery lover on your gift list since many of the stories are lesser known works.

More About the Book:

Christmas is a mysterious, as well as magical, time of year. Strange things can happen, and this helps to explain the hallowed tradition of telling ghost stories around the fireside as the year draws to a close. Christmas tales of crime and detection have a similar appeal. When television becomes tiresome, and party games pall, the prospect of curling up in the warm with a good mystery is enticing – and much better for the digestion than yet another helping of plum pudding.

Crime writers are just as susceptible as readers to the countless attractions of Christmas. Over the years, many distinguished practitioners of the genre have given one or more of their stories a Yuletide setting. The most memorable Christmas mysteries blend a lively storyline with an atmospheric evocation of the season. Getting the mixture right is much harder than it looks.

This book introduces of readers to some of the finest Christmas detective stories of the past. Martin Edwards’ selection blends festive pieces from much-loved authors with one or two stories which are likely to be unfamiliar even to diehard mystery fans. The result is a collection of crime fiction to savor, whatever the season.