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Who’s ready?

Who is finished wrapping, baking and decorating? To all three, I say no.

Yes, I had planned weeks ago to set goals and get things finished so all I had to do on Christmas Eve is assist Santa and fall into bed. Well, life has a funny way of throwing curve balls and lemons at you.

The tree just got up this morning (but remember from Friday’s blog a small one already stands! He he), shopping for relatives will be completed this evening, as well as the rest of the wrapping. As for cookies, well, I don’t bake them. Why? My children don’t eat them, and I certainly don’t need dozens of temptations crowding the cookie jar and cupboards.

Cookies for Santa? Store bought. The nice, big soft chewy ones. His request fulfilled annually at our house. 😉

I try not to beat myself up over the hapless approach to the holidays. Every year I remind myself that somehow it all gets done by Christmas. It might not be perfect, but it’s completed. The world stops rushing for a day or so and there is love, warmth and merriment about the house. There might be a pile of newspapers and magazines in the corner that somehow got missed, the dishes still piled in one dish drain, but oh well. Drop everything and make the most of the beautiful day. More importantly, remember the reason why we celebrate this day every year.