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An interesting article appeared on a website on Aug. 1, 2017.

Its topic: To wait or not “wait until 8th”?

The “8th,” you ask? What’s that? Basically, according to the article, parents should wait until their child is at least in eighth grade to give him a smartphone. Actually, the article notes that the kings of Silicon Valley — where most technological ideas become reality in America — say no to the smartphone for their own children until high school. A phone to talk and text, yes, the article notes, but no data plan until then.

Interesting, and well noted. The reasons vary and run a similar thread. Smartphones distract from academics, face-to-face interaction and sleep, lead to cyberbullying and down paths to bad things (like sexual content online) and can even increase risks for anxiety and depression.

That’s a hefty load of factors to digest. If these are things to watch out for in our children, what about us adults? How many of us have smartphones glued to our hands more often than not (yes, this mom needs to let up at times)?

I’m aware of parents who put smartphones into their children’s hands at age 9. Too young? Perhaps. Maybe, however, they necessitated communications between working parents and children at activities. My daughter used a flip phone for calls. As she approaches eighth grade, and with activities becoming more varied, a phone with texting and some data might prove necessary.

What are your thoughts about children with smartphones? How young is too young? How many options — texting, messaging, data — is too much? Is it wise to “Wait Until 8th” or beyond? Share your thoughts and stories in the blog’s comment section.