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Social media spread news of the sad and untimely death of actor Luke Perry on Monday afternoon (March 5, 2019) quite quickly.

For most of today’s parents, he was famed for portraying heartthrob Dylan McKay on Fox TV’s “Beverly Hills 90210.” For today’s teens, however, he is better known as Fred Andrews, father of main character Archie Andrews on the CW’s “Riverdale.”

This reality came to light when I messaged my teen daughter shortly after 12:30 p.m (Eastern time) about Luke’s passing due to complications suffered from a massive stroke last Wednesday (Feb. 27, 2019).

“Archie’s dad,” she replied with two sad emojis and three tearful emojis.

“I know. Dylan McKay to me :-(” I answered.

Wow. At least two generations affected by an actor beloved in two separate series.

Come to think of it, perhaps all generations become affected by certain actors and musical acts. I grew up listening to the oldies of the 1950s and 1960s in addition to what was “today’s music” at the time. Music of the 1980s and ’90s are fast becoming beloved by today’s youngsters — only hearing it called “classic rock” sends shudders down my spine.

Really, wasn’t 1970 just 30 years ago?

For some, we wish.

As a parent, it is neat to see children enjoy what I knew and enjoyed growing up. My children enjoy many movies from the 1980s, including the vampire cult classic “The Lost Boys” and its soundtrack. It was literally music to my ears one summer afternoon a few years ago when my son, while outside playing in the backyard, began singing Lou Graham’s song, “Lost in the Shadows” from the movie’s soundtrack.

Proud mom moment. Ha ha.

It’s sad to know that Luke Perry has left this world all too soon, but his acting credits will bring us to watch reruns and videos for years to come.