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Consider it a mom accomplishment when you get your child to try a new food and he actually likes it.

Cue that classic commercial for Life Cereal: “He likes it” Hey, Mikey!” Ha ha. In my case it’s, “He likes it, Hey, Jakey!”

My son surprised me on Christmas Eve when he tried a piece of cocktail shrimp and proceeded to grab a few more to add to his plate. My children aren’t big seafood eaters, unless you count fish sticks and shrimp crescents (breaded minced shrimp). Call him a man after my own heart. I enjoy seafood, especially the broiled and baked stuff!

Fast-forward to Monday morning (Jan. 8, 2018) when many area school districts called for two-hour delays. Up earlier than usual due to staying at a warmer place (low heat at home), I took my daughter to school. Nearly an hour until Jacob had to arrive at school, I suggested breakfast.

Arriving at McDonald’s, Jacob decided he’s not hungry. Hmm. I know better. I ordered the Big Breakfast complete with hot cakes, sausage, scrambled eggs, a hash brown and biscuit. Oh yes, coffee for me and milk for Jake.

He sat and gave me that tired, not-in-the-mood look as I coaxed him him to eat. I finally succeeded as he took some egg, then some sausage, then a piece of hot cake. He dove in to the eggs and sausage, finishing both. Yay!

The next morning, we have another early start with Amber singing the national anthem at the Pennsylvania Farm Show in Harrisburg with her school’s show choir. Hoping to eat before traveling, I bought microwavable breakfast entrees. My son’s contained scrambled eggs, sausage and home fried potatoes. Well, it ended up being an evening treat for him, with the potatoes causing some skepticism.

“What do they taste like?” he asked.

“They taste like french fries,” I said. “Dip them into ketchup if you’d like.”

He tried the ketchup-dipped potatoes with success. Wow, three items in one day!

Make a mental note, mom, of breakfast foods that the little guy likes. Now if he would only wake up early enough to eat some of them! …