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It’s hard to believe that Christmas is just three days away (as of this blog entry).

That in mind, the kiddos still need to be good, for goodness sake. Santa Claus is coming to town soon.

For some youngsters, the Jolly Old Elf had an extra set of eyes with an Elf on the Shelf. The little guy or gal made mischief and hid in their houses since — most likely — Thanksgiving weekend. For this mom, Hide and Hug Olaf has been watching, hiding and waiting for warm hugs when found. Along the way, he teamed up with two Snowgies that Santa brought two years ago. Together they hide and appear in a variety of places.

Over the weekend, Olaf and friends found a little Christmas tree in the upstairs hallway to their liking. They also met up with Good Sam the Snowman, a little guy who gets his name from the Good Samaritan Foundation. A nurse gave him to my daughter when I had a minor procedure at the former Good Samaritan Regional Medical Center in Pottsville years ago.

Sam sits beside the little tree adorned with light blue and white ornaments belonging to my son. A relative gave him a baby’s first Christmas decorating kit for his first Christmas. I bought the tree a few years ago at an after-Christmas sale. The tree is his to decorate as he wishes with the ornaments and accompanying tree skirt.

This morning, the snow trio (sans Sam) found their way to a spot in a front window where they felt right at home. The spot glows with dangling icicle lights and two large — of all things — Olafs! One holds a Christmas gift, the other reaches out to a plain Christmas tree. On Christmas morning, they just might climb into the family Christmas tree after Santa visits.

You have to love these “Santa helpers.” You never know where you might find them next!

Do you have a neat, funny or unique Elf or Santa helper story to share? Feel free to do so in the blog’s comment section. You just might get some ideas for Dec. 23 and 24 and for next year!