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It’s only July, but like it or not Christmas season thoughts — yes, the “C” word that excites some and others bemoan — have begun.

My daughter’s participation in the Schuylkill Ballet Theatre means summer rehearsals for the company’s annual presentation of “The Nutcracker.” The performance occurs Thanksgiving weekend, nicely coinciding with the start of the Christmas season.

During this rehearsal time, the dancers find out their roles. With her sixth “Nutcracker” performance on the horizon, my daughter learned that she will dance as a toy shop doll as the curtain opens and the overture plays, a mouse as main character Clara Stablum’s magical dream begins (Or is it a dream? Hmm) and a flower as the Dew Drop Fairy dances “The Waltz of the Flowers.” (Think of the song during the synchronized swimming routine in “Caddyshack.” Ha ha.)

The past five performances, Amber danced as a party girl in the opening scene. As that character, she danced holding “Jade,” one of her American Girl dolls. I thought about it the other day. Now that she graduates from that role, Jade won’t be needed for the show anymore.

Of course, Jade is just a doll, but a cherished one. She was the first real American Girl doll that Amber received, and now Jade becomes a little more retired from play and usage than she already is. From a mom’s standpoint, that’s a little bittersweet.

I mentioned to Amber that Jade won’t be a part of the show this year. She admitted that there’s a touch of sentiment. However, time marches on, and so do the opportunities to take on other roles in the show.

I’m happy for my girl and excited for the characters she will portray this year — all new for her — and look forward to her bringing them to life Nov. 24 and 25.