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The holiday seems to find us all hurried and hustling to get things done before Dec. 25, no matter how organized we are.

With the hustle and bustle might come forgetful steps or hastily done ones. In this instance, we need to remember to buckle up when traveling by car, truck or SUV. Always. No matter how short the trip.

Case in point, I headed to the supermarket down the street for last-minute school lunch and dinner items the other morning. Putting the bags on the floor of the backseat, I jumped into the driver’s seat, turned the ignition and, after a few seconds, reached for the seat belt.

While I only live a block away from the market, I still wore my seat belt. Anything could happen. I’ve heard stories where people were involved in collisions, minor and major, just blocks from home. Wearing seat belts minimized injuries and saved lives.

I’m fortunate that the supermarket, the kiddos’ schools and my daughter’s main dance school aren’t too far away. In good weather and with time availability, we walk to them. When we need to drive to them, we remain safe with seat belts.

Keep that in mind as you travel this holiday season. Don’t think, “I’ll be there sooner than I know it” and not buckle up. Then again, buckling up is the law. As the slogan goes, “click it or ticket.” You choice.