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Watch TV during the Christmas season and you have plenty of inspiration to get into the holiday spirit.

Especially with commercials. Their content ranges from happy and cute to sad and sentimental to outright annoying. I mean, who doesn’t cringe upon hearing the Pennsylvania Lottery’s “This holiday season my good friend gave to me … five caaaash five! …” OK, maybe you don’t, but it has hit the airways early one season too many. This year, I recalled its appearance as early as Nov. 1. Halloween just a few hours past, say “Happy HallowThankMas!” He he.

So how do commercials fit into a mommy blog? Well, if you watch TV as a family like the kiddos and I do, it becomes a time to point out and look for favorite Christmas commercials. My daughter looks forward to, and it appears without fail, the Hershey Kisses advertisement. The kisses shaped in a tree formation play a choir bell version of “We Wish You a Merry Christmas.” What watcher doesn’t smile upon hearing the last little Kiss breathe a sigh of relief after dinging out the last notes? She also likes the M&M’s commercial when two of the candies discover that Santa exists. Santa is equally surprised to find the M&M’s exist, resulting in a fainting spell for him and one of the candies.

Both kiddos have grown to like the Coca-Cola commercial in which a young boy pulls an iced-filled wagon with Cokes nestled in it. He passes them along to people who look like they could use them — a busy retail clerk, a man baking and then, of course, one for Santa himself.

One that we all find hilarious — but haven’t seen too much since the “Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade” broadcast, is a UPS commercial showing the fun and frustration of Christmas gift wrapping and delivering. A guy wraps a boxed gift, hears his phone buzz and turns the box over to realize that he wrapped the phone in the package. A woman goes crazy with duct tape wrapping what looks like a football. Then, of course, there are people outside beating up inflatable Christmas decorations with empty wrapping paper tubes.

What favorite Christmas commercials top your viewing lists? Share them in the blog’s comment section, and thank you for reading.