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Laughter. We all need it. Here. There. Everywhere. Every day.

One of the best things about good-hearted giggles is when they occur near the start of the work or school day. They help get everything off to a good start, especially when morning comes too soon.

The laughter erupted this morning at our house. I honestly can’t even remember what we laughed about, but I do recall a good laugh my daughter and I had about faces we made as our car passed another on the way to school. My daughter wondered aloud how the other driver probably thought we were crazy.

I blogged back in 2011 about how my children and I try and laugh every day. Not forcefully, mind you. I’m talking about spontaneous laughter that comes from watching a program together, hearing a funny joke or seeing something that just tickles the funny bone. We don’t need to find it, it finds us.

It’s said that “laughter is the best medicine,” and I find it best in the company of family and good friends. As my children grow, I cherish our laughter. It’s nothing like sharing a good laugh with two of my littlest best friends.