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Country singer Brad Paisely’s hit, “Little Moments,” focuses on the little things that his girl did that he “lived for” — from backing his truck into something to burning a cake on his birthday and setting off all the smoke alarms in the house.

As a parent, you experience many come “little moments” with your little ones. They might seem insignificant, just things that happen every day or without fanfare. They hit the heartstrings, though, and become things you want to share on social media, jot in a journal or tell your spouse or best friend.

Little things came to mind this morning (Nov. 2, 2017) after telling my daughter that we’re out of bread and her sandwich needs to go on a hot dog roll (no dough, so to speak, to get any bread the previous evening). No frowns, pouts or arguments, just an, “It’s OK, Mom.”

She gets it. Thank goodness, she gets it. Lol!

About an hour later, after coaxing a sleepy son from slumber for another school day, I got flooded with hugs and kisses — those hugs that linger with little arms squeezing tightly. They make up for the stubborn refusal to do homework the night before (but it eventually got done!).

Plenty of little moments remain in mind, among them my son wiping a tear from my eye during an overwhelming moment; watching my daughter cuddle her toddler brother as they watched a show featuring a song about little brothers; watching youth football players talk to my toddler son before their game, and both children appearing at my bedside with “Avengers” character masks and a bottle of antacids when an upset stomach occurred. You get the idea.

What moments remain with you? Feel free to share them in the blog’s comment section. Thank you for reading, and be sure to cherish those little moments that will mean so much for years to come.