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Who in the social media world doesn’t enjoy a daily dose of reminiscent memes?

“If you did this and survived, your childhood was awesome” blares around a photo of youngsters riding without helmets on three-wheeled Big Wheel bikes, or on metal monkey bars.

“This is how you stayed in touch with friends” reads another meme of youngsters on bicycles gathered at a park.

“We had two choices for dinner growing up: Take it or leave it!” declares another meme of youths sitting before a comfort food-laden plate of roast beef, potatoes and carrots.

Those were the days.

How many youngsters — OK, teenagers and even some twenty-somethings — look at those and give an eyeroll or say, “Oh, my gosh!” How many might even look at them and say, “Wow, I wish I grew up knowing that or doing that!”

How many prompt conversations? I could name a few that do.

The meme with the class picture photos of girls with big, teased hair and the words “If your high school yearbook looks like this, you grew up in the ’80s.” My daughter looks at those photos and can’t even fathom why us gals of the ’80s would want our hair to look like that! We get some laughs out of it, and I tell her that was the style.

Another meme that brought gasps and wide eyes is a closeup of a photo of someone wearing black and white saddle shoes. Believe it or not, those klunky-sounding, smooth-bottomed shoes were my first pair of elementary cheerleading shoes — yes, no supportive sneakers! (On a side note, by the time I hit varsity, the footwear turned to plain white bo-bo’s — again, not the Nike or Kaepa or Reeboks of today! Perish the thought!)

Ah, yes, and the one that really generates laughs from my daughter is the one showing looseleaf paper folded into intricate squares and triangles with, “This is how we used to text.” Who didn’t pass notes to friends like that as you passed each other in the halls?

What memes generate memories and conversations for you and your children, be it tween, teens or young adults? Share those memes in the blog’s comment section. Happy meme sightings!