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You see them in many social media circles.

“Proud mom moment! Joey made the dean’s list in his first semester of freshman year! I knew you could do it, sweetie!”

“Maria completed her first season of soccer with five goals. Way to go, girl! Here’s to many more! #ProudMomMoment”

“My kids made it through the evening without so much as a poke or a mean word to each other! #ProudMomMoment #MomGoals”

OK. These examples came off the top of my head, but you see them in cyberspace. Maybe you even post things like this.

I’m guilty. But no regrets.

I consider myself blessed with my kiddos. They have their ups and downs, arguments and agreements, positives and negatives. No matter what, they are loved and constantly encouraged to be themselves and do their best.

Of course, not everything comes easily. Advice to work hard no matter what — with success stories like Walt Disney, Michael Jordan and J.K. Rowling, all of whom heard in so many words that they wouldn’t amount to much, come into play.

Perhaps too much. My daughter can almost recite the story of Disney’s evaluation by an editor who told him that he lacked creativity (ha ha!). She gets it, though.

The bottom line, mom pride exudes for the kiddos in academics and activities. The drawing might not be a Picasso, but it’s his. She might not like the B+ science grade for the marking period, but she worked for it, earned it and knows what to do to increase it to an “A.” Safety pins securing suspenders pop on a soldier costume, yet she holds character and keeps dancing. Bravo! He shoots the arrow and it hits the board outside the target, but he tries. (Eventually, he hits just outside the bull’s eye. Woo-hoo!)

Last evening (Nov. 29, 2017), my son excitedly showed me how he can now tie his own shoes. A good friend showed him what to do while caring for him. His pride in himself made me proud. His accomplishment spilled over into this morning. He could have easily grabbed his Velcro-fastening sneakers, but reached for his laced-up high tops instead.

Moments like these make mom proud. Little things that mean a lot.