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With some students nationwide already back to school and most in Schuylkill and surrounding counties starting in less than two weeks, it’s time for … SHOPPING!

Excursions can end easily with little fuss and muss and everything needed purchased, or a tug-of-war battle over styles, sizes, name brands and characters. Just take a look at your friends’ posts on social media. One friend declared she’d rather shop with a group of gals than her teenage son when it comes to school shopping. Others dread the school supply list found on school websites or at area stores.

Looking at my own kiddos and the school shopping saga, it hasn’t been too bad over the years. Both seem to select items that are A. On sale or B. Their style and I don’t object to them. This year, the school district eased up on dress code, allowing jeans (sans extra pockets, rips and bagginess) and patterns (no more just plain solids) to be worn. Yay!

That said, my son has had a field day  buying button-down shirts with collars and prints. My daughter? Well, she has yet to really dive in, but we do already have a decent stash of clothing at home to sort through in the coming days.

Schedules and teacher designations get revealed by week’s end. This brings a bit of excitement and anticipation for the little guy, and a possible trip to the middle school for the daughter to get a feel for where she’s going, to strategize the easiest ways to get from class to class (without violating the one-way hallways! Lol) and to set up photos, shelves and decor in her locker.

May your back-to-school shopping prove fruitful and productive as you hope the school year will be!