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Waking up quite early Sunday morning, I headed to the basement to wash a load of darks. They contained a pair of capris leggings that my daughter wanted to wear to a show that afternoon in Philadelphia.

I added clothes stored in the wash area and other dirty items. In doing so, I came across my son’s outfit from his second Easter — a navy blue sailor shorts outfit complete with Cracker Jack jacket.

It stirred memories, particularly the day I took Jacob and his sister to get pictures wearing their Easter outfits. My daughter wore a similar color and style.

The session produced a nice portrait of Amber holding Jacob, but that was about the only formal pose we got. Sometimes little ones just have ideas of their own.

However, Jacob’s failure to cooperate netted two of the most precious professional photos I have of him and his sister. In one, it looks like Amber is dancing with Jacob. The photographer and I tried to get him to stand next to his kneeling sister. Amber, the good big sister that she is, talked to him and played along. As she did, the photographer snapped a photo.

In another photo, Jacob decided he not only would sit by his seated sister, but he’d play with her necklace. Again, my patient daughter worked with him and let him have his moment. Again, the photographer clicked the shutter. Again, a precious, candid portrait.

The moral of the story: Sometimes the best things in life are unscripted, unposed, unplanned. Those moments — a candid portrait, a youngster’s own way of walking down the bridal aisle, a labor and delivery — can often become some of the best memories shared between family and friends and the best memories cherished in a mother’s heart.

I look at those photos from that session and I’m so glad I have them. They are a permanent reminder of the bond my children have. And yes, while they have their moments — what siblings don’t? — that love is still there.