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A social media meme once compared a woman’s mind to a computer — just think of 2,000 to 3,000-plus browser tabs open at the same time.

True, ladies? This mom would definitely say yes.

It seems that once one thing gets taken care of, another thing appears — from bills paid (here comes another one!) to activities, fundraisers and, dare I say it, another household or auto item in need of replacement or repair.

How to keep track? Lists on paper or on phones or tablets work. Keeping track in the mind might, too — for those who realllllly have photographic memories! The latter, no so much for me. I tend to think like the meme featuring Disney’s “Finding Nemo” character, Dory, saying, “I’m never drinking wine again. Oooh, look! Wine!” In other words, the focus on one thing gets distracted by another thing.

I find writing things down tends to keep me focused. The satisfaction of crossing off a task when it’s complete brings a sense of accomplishment. The true “ahhh” moment of contentment comes when the list gets crumpled up and thrown in the wastebasket or pitched into the recycling bin (sans names and other documentation if there, of course!).

So how do you do it, moms (and dads)? Share your ways of getting things done. You just might help another parent get focused!