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As another summer month comes to a close and the last official month of summer begins, who wishes the time away from school and activity schedules could stay just a little longer?

On this end, the answer to that question mostly sides with summer staying around. However, a con lingers with it.

Working during the majority of the summer months means packing bags for the kiddos to stay with relatives. It keeps them away from home most days, but they remain with family in the comforts of their homes. I remain eternally grateful for all of the help, believe me. However, there are days when I long for less travel, less packing, less laundry (really, is there EVER less laundry to do?!) and yes, for the summer slumber parties to be at home.

The “mommy guilt” settles in some days, especially when the little guy throws his arms around me and says, “I miss you, Mommy!” When it comes time to pick him up, however, those hugs and choruses of “Mommyyyyyyy!!!” ring out as he runs to hug me, I realize that despite the fact that they’re not with me for a time, the love and happiness you hope you invoke in your children remains. The mommy guilt then subsides.

For most in the Schuylkill County area, the lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer end in a mere 28 days. The school buses hit the roads, the school doors open and scheduling calendars pop open again to be filled with projects, assignments and activities.

Enjoy your August.