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“All your kids want is you. “Not the fit mom, not the Pinterest mom, not the PTA mom, not every other mom you think you should be. All they want is you, so be the happiest you there ever was.”

What powerful words for moms, especially those who have days where they feel like the worst in the world.

A friend saw the quote on The Unstoppable Mom Facebook page and shared it on her own timeline. It immediately resonated with me.

Looking back on this past weekend, thoughts of the type of mom I am — and am not — come to mind.

My daughter participated in her middle school musical as an ensemble member. Answering the call for volunteers, I joined the group of “drama mamas and papas” in decorating (Friday, April 20, 2018), assisting at the concession stand (Saturday, April 21, 2018) and manning the table to collect orders for copies of DVDs of the play and sell floral bouquets (Sunday, April 22, 2018).

Like my daughter, I played bit parts. A handful of moms really took the reigns, however, in the weeks leading up to the play. One took care of the decorations that I helped hang. Another baked so much that her recycling bin showed plenty of haphazardly stacked cake mix boxes. Another called a TV station, a radio station and other places to publicize the play, which I believe sold out all three days. The weekend was truly an amazing one!

So where am I going with this? Perhaps I’m not the mom who can do things in an instant for a school event or extracurricular activity. I’m not the mom wearing the latest threads or sporting the best-looking hairdo (I need a cut and color — badly!). I’m not the most organized mom at home. Some days I fly by the seat of my pants — ordering dinner last minute, washing dance leotard and tights hours before class or calling a fellow mom begging her to give my child a ride home from rehearsal (in my defense, I do return carpool favors as I can!). Other days, plans well laid actually happen.

I am the mom, however, who gets up daily to make sure her children have lunches and snacks packed and get to school on time — even on that one weekday off. I’m the mom who sits down to dinner with her children every evening. I’m the mom who often plays the roles of both mom and dad — not an easy task. I’m the mom who makes the most with what she has, loves her children more than life itself and hopes she does right by them.

So no. I’m not a fit mom (I try again and again), the Pinterest mom (but sometimes a project or recipe succeeds) or the PTA mom (I help as I can), but my children still love me.

That in mind, I’ll smile, savor their hugs, kisses and sweet words and continue to make a good life for us.