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How was your day?

Those four simple words come from my son’s mouth on the days we spend apart due to school, work and/or other activities. I find it sweet that he, as a 9-year-old, takes that initiative to ask.

I tell him the basics of how things proceeded; in turn, I ask him. It generates a good conversation of what we’ve done, learned, heard, seen and experienced. It allows us to go over our day, be it good or bad, to express feelings, to make decisions and just kick back and take it all in.

And it all begins with those four little words that seem so simple. Between a parent and child, they can mean so much.

My son’s interest in a day spreads to other how other people are doing. Two years ago, his sister stayed home from school due to illness. I waited for him to get off the bus after school that day. He stepped off the bus, said hello and almost immediately asked, “Is Amber feeling better?”

Again, how sweet. It looks like I have a compassionate, intrigued little man on my hands. What parent wouldn’t want to have a child like that? More importantly, I hope that demeanor remains as he reaches the tween and teen years.