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First came the text message. Then the phone call and the email message.

A bomb threat found this morning (Oct. 19, 2017) in a boys’ bathroom at my daughter’s middle school prompted an evacuation of students, staff and faculty. Authorities “swept” the building as a precaution. Take note: The threat designated that something was going to happen Oct. 30, 2017.

Within a half-hour, text, email and phone notifications updated parents that the student behind the threat was found and all students were returning to class.

This is the third threat in my children’s school district this year — the other two occurring at the high school. Two other school districts in Schuylkill County also reported threats this year — one last week from a student who allegedly advised others not to attend the school pep rally because of something predicted to happen, the other Wednesday afternoon (Oct. 18, 2017) at a high school resulting in evacuation due to a threat on a bathroom wall.

Seriously, this has to stop. Enough already. It’s only October.

To the offenders: Why do you do it? Do you not want to go to school? Do you not like your teachers and/or classmates? Do you not want to take a test, or didn’t you finish your homework, project or special assignment?

Whatever your excuse, it’s uncalled for and unnecessary. Your threats waste the precious time of teachers trying to educate you and other students who — maybe they don’t necessarily want to be — are in school to learn and prepare for their futures.

Your actions are not funny. You might think it’s a joke or no big deal. It’s not a joke, and it is a big deal. In today’s society, unfortunately, officials need to take threats seriously because incidents over the years have claimed or changed the lives of dozens of students, teachers and administrators. It’s a shame, really. School should not be a place where one should have to worry about fights, shootings, bombs or worse.

Think of the parents who receive the messages and alerts about these threats. Some might fear for their children’s lives. No parent should have to worry about sending her child to school and wonder if he is, indeed, coming home or returning in one piece.

Hopefully, the students behind these threats will face repercussions, realize their wrongs and strive to do better. Additionally, let’s hope that threats like this will cease, but if word of a threat is seen or heard, it is reported in an effort to remain proactive rather than reactive.

Enough already.