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Who doesn’t enjoy comedian Jeff Foxworthy’s “You might be a redneck if …” routine?

Apparently, many people do on the social media circuit. Other lists have morphed following the Foxworthy method. Among them, “You might be from Pennsylvania if …,” “You might be from Schuylkill County if …” and “You might be a Jersey girl if …”

Parents of young athletes, dancers, musicians, artists and other activities could probably write a book using this method. As a full-time working mom whose daughter dances, sings, acts and does Scouting and a son who just started Scouting and archery lessons, I’ve generated some thoughts.

Here goes:

You might be an activities mom if …

* The crock pot has become a staple for dinner preparation.

* You stock up on easy-to-prepare after-school snacks.

* You cellphone’s contact list contains several restaurants for easy takeout.

* You need to decide if dinner will be served before or after rehearsal/practice.

* You’ve acquired use of apps like TeamSnap and Remind.

* You can’t remember what committees/volunteer jobs you signed up for, but you’re on at least one or doing at least one.

* You become part of a carpool to help transport your child’s friend(s) to and/or from practice.

* Your relatives and friends look to you for Christmas gift and goodie ideas via activity fundraisers.

* Those same relatives and friends ask, “What are you selling now?”

* You can never find a water bottle, but then you find several in the child’s Duffel bag in various stages of fill.

* A shoe, cleat, sock or other needed piece of equipment remains elusive as head out the door to the activity.

* You savor the quiet time you get, however brief, while your child attends his activity.

I know there are more suggestions out there, so please feel free to share yours in the blog’s comment section! What telltale signs define you as the parent of a busy after-school child?