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There’s a football player on the front of the newspaper’s sports section.

“Ball,” my son proudly points at the football player rushing with the pigskin in his hands.

“Yes, football. Very good,” I tell him.

The other day, the Penn State Nittany Lion was on the front page in a color ad.

“Rawrrr!” Jacob said, pointing to the beloved college mascot.

“Is that the lion?” I ask him.

He nods excitedly.

My toddler has a nose for newspapers. He likes to look over my shoulder as I peruse the headlines and stories at home.

He also likes to look at the papers on his own. When that happens, however, they tend to come apart, get out of order and ripped or wrinkled. My daughter used to like looking at the newspapers at Jacob’s age, but I don’t recall the enthusiasm that her brother has for them.

If you think about it, you have to wonder with the way technology is taking over with instant messages and announcement if today’s little ones will ever grow up to enjoy the morning or Sunday newspaper. The newspaper industry is going through many changes, and some say that — gasp — newspapers could become a thing of the past.

But will they? Take a look at books. Sure, you can download a story or novel onto a handheld device, but what about the opportunity to sit down with a hardcover or paperback and read it from cover to cover?

Then there are magazines. What would our supermarket checkouts look like without all those tabloid headlines telling us the latest issues and scandals of the rich and famous?

For those hometown newspapers, what about the joy of seeing your little ones’ names published on the honor rolls, or their photos taken for prizes won or activities done at school or in the community? Upon finding them, you cut them out and have them laminated or put away in scrapbooks for posterity. You won’t get that on a computer!

Technology is great, but there is something about seeing it all in print. I’ll keep encouraging my children to pick up books, magazines and newspapers to read and see photos, graphics and more. And of course, I’ll keep cutting out those honor rolls, photos and other mentionables as they come. As of now, I have the kids’ birth announcements and a few photos of Amber from gymnastics’ awards she won. So far, all good!