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In another week, the mad rush for Christmas presents, cookies, wrapping and decorating will cease as Christmas Eve arrives.

Are you ready?

I’m not, and every year I vow to decorate and shop earlier. For some reason or other, it never happens.

Taking to social media Monday afternoon, I’ve found that I am not alone in the quest to get it all together for Christmas. My big sister from my sorority confessed that she purchased Christmas cards but has yet to send one, and that decorating and shopping is still on her to-do list. Another friend noted that the tree is up but not decorated, with that task on the list to be completed by week’s end. Another has a daughter with a December birthday, so the girl’s celebration takes precedence before any Christmas decorating gets wrapped up in the revelry, so to speak.

While knowing I keep good company in falling behind with Christmas preparation, it frustrates my children. They want to enjoy the decor in our own home in addition to seeing it out and about. With one week to go, it’s time to hunker down and fulfill the Christmas decor desire. While Christmas wreaths adorn the front and back doors of the house and candles illuminate the Nativity set and Advent candles in the front window, there is more to come.

Parents, are you all ready to welcome Christmas?