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It has hung in the closet since, well, we moved into the house more than a decade ago.

It made an appearance here or there, mostly when an extra layer was needed for warmth or to throw on to shovel snow.

With colder temperatures arriving so soon and last year’s winter coat purchase already too small, my daughter needed something a little heavier than the fleece she wears to stave of autumn’s chill.

What to wear, what to wear?

Well, there it was. The navy blue corduroy varsity jacket that I earned for being a member of the cheerleading squad for three years in high school. My name and graduation year on the front left, varsity letters on the right that I sewed on myself days after receiving the jacket and “Brennan Cheerleader” emblazoned on the back with a megaphone.  Just a few threads hanging here and there off of the inside quilting, but the jacket remains pristine.

Pulling it out of the closet late last week, I encouraged Amber to try it on for size. Aside from the cuffed sleeves falling a little long, the jacket fit perfectly.


A sense of pride and nostalgia washed over me as my daughter headed out the door to school donning the jacket I earned after three years of cheering, chanting, stunting, stretching, jumping, dancing, cartwheeling and yes, of course, aching (thanks to my height, build and broad shoulders, being a base can be a … well, you can fill in the blank. Ha ha).

Maybe she’ll earn her own someday. For now, I’ll relish the nostalgia.