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My 5-year-old lost her first tooth last night.

You would think that it was Christmas Eve. Amber was so excited that the Tooth Fairy was finally going to visit our house.

She had attended Bible school last evening while I ran some errands. When we returned home, she wanted to eat an apple. The next thing I knew, Amber was telling me that her bottom tooth in the front was very loose. It had started wiggling, along with another one in the front on the top, a few weeks ago. Since then, she was anxious to lose a tooth!

Amber wanted me to help her get the tooth out. I told her that I would wiggle it a bit, but if it hurt, she should let me know. I wiggled it one way, then another, then turned it just a hair and pop! Out it came.

I took some pictures of her with her tooth in hand and, of course, her new smile. It's only a small gap, but it's one that she's proud of.

Now that we had the tooth in hand, it was time to prepare it for the Tooth Fairy. When Amber was a year old, my parents gave her a small Strawberry Shortcake pillow edged in a pink strawberry-printed ruffle and a small pocket sewn into it — a Tooth Fairy pillow. Amber carefully put her tooth in the pocket and tucked the little pillow under her bed pillow. She couldn't wait to wake up this morning and see what the Tooth Fairy would leave behind.

I watched as Amber opened her eyes this morning to check her pillow, and she smile wide as she found a monetary gift.

Now she's eyeing that top tooth that's wiggling. I'm sure it won't be long when the Tooth Fairy returns to our house.