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When it comes to lounging around or working out, I break out the old T-shirts stashed in my closet.

Taking a look at some of them, jeez, the actually are old!

Wearing our 2003 Republican & Herald Relay for Life team T-shirts, good friend and former colleague Angela Guldin, right, and I walked many laps during the American Cancer Society event at Pottsville's Veterans Stadium in May 2003.

When i went to college, it seemed like every organization, from the football team to the fraternities, was selling T-shirts door-to-door on campus. Usually $10 a pop, they made fashion statements at school and gave those back home a glimpse of what area youths had gotten themselves into on the collegiate level.

I used to love wearing my college football T’s to high school football games when I went home on the weekends. My freshman year the team made its way to the NCAA Division III championship, so bragging rights were in order (OK, they lost, but second best in the nation among Division III schools isn’t anything to scoff at).

Then there are some that became a part of my wardrobe post-college: the Splash Mountain T-shirt I proudly purchased in 1997 at Disney World that boasts a dripping-wet Mickey Mouse on the front and “The Top 3 Lies” after riding the water coaster (“I wasn’t scared; I didn’t scream; I did not get wet!”) on the back; the 25th anniversary Disney World T from the same trip; and a 2003 Republican-Herald Relay for Life T-shirt for participating in the American Cancer Society’s annual event in Pottsville.

The first two are now 15 years old. Really? The second one is nine years old, and I’ll add that I wore it while pregnant with my daughter. Yes, time is certainly a-flying.

A tie-dye T-shirt from my college years made an appearance for Amber's first bath at home.

Looking back nine years ago as a new mom at home with a newborn, some of those T-shirts from the college days came in handy — keeping up with baby’s unpredictable schedule those first few weeks, combined with the unfortunate dealings with baby spit-up and spills.

I still remember sharing photos with a close friend whose son is just a month older than my daughter. In the photo taken for Amber’s first bath at home, I had on a tie-dyed T-shirt with a pair of sweat shorts, and this shirt was one from the college days. She chuckled at the shirt and observed how those old shirts in those first few weeks of baby at home are practical.

Sometimes these shirts become nightshirts for my daughter, and she doesn’t mind a bit. Of course, she’ll sometimes point out that they are older than she is, but that’s OK. I look at it as a little bit of mommy’s memories taking on new life!