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Irish ceili dancing. Cooking. Hanging with and taking care of Jacob. Going to McDonald’s.

What are these items? They’re a few things that my daughter, Amber, and I enjoy doing together.

As of Wednesday evening, doing Zumba and wearing Silly Bandz were added to the list.

If you haven’t heard, Zumba “is a fusion of Latin and International music that creates a dynamic, exciting, and effective fitness system” (according to Fitness instructors consider it a “dance party,” and the instructor we went to (Amber’s dance instructor Miss Crystal of Crystal’s School of Dance, Orwigsburg) has said that there are two rules: 1. Have fun and 2. If you’re not having fun, refer to rule No. 1.

It was Amber’s first time doing Zumba, and she was the youngest in attendance. She did a good job keeping up with the fast movements. Miss Crystal was proud, and so was I.

We headed home where I hit the shower and Amber sat down to watch TV with her dad and brother. When I joined them she had emptied her Silly Bandz on a TV tray and sorted them by color. She proceeded to ask me which ones I liked and which ones I would want.

Some of these bands are sized for little wrists, so I picked and chose which ones I might wear comfortably. I ended up with a fuchsia princess, a pink fairy wand, gray princess crown, green bunny rabbit and turquoise turtle.

You can keep those, Amber told me. Then we can play with them sometime and trade.

Oh boy. I’ve now joined the Silly Bandz craze. I guess this might mean more purchases and my own trading stash.

Well, we’ll wait and see what happens.

I sometimes wonder what’s next down the line when it comes to kids and parents activities for me. Whatever it is, I’m sure to enjoy, as I enjoy virtually every minute I get with my kiddos.