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Saturday was supposed to be a mommy day for me. The kiddos would spend time with daddy while mommy went about some chores and quiet time.

It wasn’t meant to be, but it turned into a nice afternoon/evening for mommy and son.

After taking Amber to a guitar lesson, meeting my parents to pick up Amber’s first holy communion dress (a gift from her Nana and Pa-Pa) and lunch with my parents after getting the dress, it was time for the kiddos to hang out with daddy. Amber was fine with it, but Jacob wasn’t having it.

Not wanting to withstand a meltdown — because that’s where it was headed — I took Jacob with me. After putting a load of towels in the washer, I headed to Saturday evening Mass.

I got to the church parking lot and went to get Jacob out of his car seat. I happened to look to the rear of the lot, which is surrounded by a wooded area, and saw three brown, white-tailed bottoms.

Oh dear! I discovered deer!

As frustrated as I might have been about plans gone awry, I picked Jacob up from his seat and turned toward the wooded area.

By that time one remained, its backside facing us about 70 feet away.

“Look over there,” I told my son quietly. “It’s a deer.”

Jacob stared and I continued to tell him about the deer. I wondered if he could see it as well as I could, as its brown coat blended in nicely with the still-brown brush and trees.

Then the deer’s white tail twitched. I looked at Jacob and said, “See that? The deer’s tail twitched!”

He smiled and let out a small laugh.

I took a few steps closer so we could get a better look. After a few moments the deer’s head shot straight up and it stared at us, its left leg raised in a pointing position.

As another car pulled up down the parking lot from us, the deer became spooked and turned to run. As it leaped away, the two others that I initially saw appeared from the right brush area and bounded off behind the one that held our attention for a few minutes.

Jacob and I gave each other that “Wow!” surprising look that you get when you see something so magical or neat. It was so cute to see him watching the deer, and I now cherish it as a wide-eyed special moment that we had together.