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"Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened."

That's what I'm trying to do today — follow advice given by the famous Dr. Seuss.

My daughter, Amber, finished preschool Wednesday evening with the center's closing program. It was a cute presentation, featuring songs that they learned and a tribute to one of the teachers who is leaving next month. Each student received a certificate. After the program concluded, the parents were invited to come forward and take pictures of the children as a group.

Once most of the group pictures were through, some of the kids gathered for smaller group photos. My daughter was ready to pose with one of her friends, then next thing I knew two more little ones rushed in with them. The four of them squeezed together, arms draped around each other and smiling at the camera. It made for a sweet picture.

A reception followed the program, where some of the kids had fun running around and playing together (mine included).

Before we left, Amber went down to her classroom and found some more things in her classroom cubby to take home. As I looked around, I realized this was it. Amber was finished with preschool. She won't be coming back to this center. The next step is kindergarten at the end of August. I know my baby girl is growing up, and there's no stopping it, but I can't help getting a little emotional as she approaches each milestone in her life.

I am glad that Amber attended the preschool that she did. The teachers and teacher aides were excellent, all of the children seemed to get along well and the parents were wonderful to talk with at gatherings and events for the students throughout the year. Lots of memories and friends were made, not to mention lots of art projects and schoolwork were completed, from name and letter writing to construction paper creations!

Now it's time to look forward to summer, which will be filled with activities and a little bit of rest and relaxation before school starts again.

The annual graduation supplement is featured in today's newspaper. The seniors from our area high schools are pictured. Congratulations to all, and best wishes in your future endeavors!