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The title of today’s entry was actually a sentence in an ad that appeared in Teen magazine during, well, my teen years. My parents subscribed to the magazine for me for several years.

My friends and I would cut out what we decided were cool and neat words and phrases splashed across the pages in colorful and funky fonts. We would make collages of them for decor and inspiration for our lockers and rooms.

I don’t recall what the ad with the “shades” sentence promoted, but it had something to do with a product used outdoors. It might have been sunscreen or sunglasses, or maybe a hair-lightening spray (remember Sun-In?). Regardless, the sentence stuck with me all these years, and I say it to my children as we head outdoors on a sunny day.

I remember the first time I said it to my daughter. She was about 8 months old and sitting in her infant car seat. I grabbed a pair of small sunglasses received from a party goodie bag and told her, “Don’t go out without your shades!” She kept them on for about five minutes of our vehicle venture that day. She eventually wore them often and much on sunny-day outings.

The phrase gets used as well with my son, who has gone through several pairs of sunglasses in his 4 years. There are a few scattered about the house, and my daughter has a pair that need repair, but the Easter Bunny saw to it that they each received new shades this past weekend. Jacob got shades with Disney’s Lightning McQueen on them while Amber’s have fuchsia  temple pieces and black rims around the lenses (think Ray-Ban style).

With today’s sun so vibrant, I grabbed my sunglasses this morning along with my keys and turned to Jacob and said, “I think this is a day for your shades! So … don’t go out…”

“Without your shades!” he smiled in reply.

So mother and son donned their shades as they headed off to work and day care this first Friday in April. With sunny skies and warmer temperatures predicted in northeastern and central PA in the days ahead (and a few showers here and there), get out there and enjoy.

Have a good weekend, and thank you for reading Mommy Mentions!