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A meme from the “Softball is For Girls” (sic) Facebook page notes, “Everyone has practice so we can either have dinner at 4:30 or 9:15.”

I need to add to that meme. “Everyone has dance class or rehearsal…”

This dinner dilemma also affects dance moms and many more moms whose children have practices, rehearsals, classes and games. For me, however, it’s practically every day of the week and not just a season. It starts in September and continues through May. Sometimes it occurs one or two days a week during the summer.

So what’s a mom to do? What kind of meals get prepared and doled out at an early or later time? No one wants to go to bed on a very full stomach — let alone is it a good idea. From this mom’s perspective, preparing leftover portions to nuke in the microwave right after school helps to at least give my dancer some sustenance before classes.  If a meal isn’t wanted, then snacks get packed or a sub gets purchased to take with her.

I try and avoid fast food, but sometimes picking something up at the drive-thru occurs. Other times, the meal is something like chicken tenders and tater tots that get thrown in the oven and baked. The crock pot becomes quite practical as well. Pork roast, chicken breasts and other concoctions that could be placed in the crock in the morning and are ready like magic for later. Oh yes. Barbecued boneless ribs work wonders as well. Pair it with something like macaroni and cheese or a rice dish and you’re ready to go.

So what meals make practice/rehearsal nights work for you? Share thoughts, suggestions and even recipes, if you wish, in the blog’s comment section.