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When I stepped outside today on the way to work, the weather was pleasant. It wasn't too hot or too cold.

For me, it was the perfect running weather, although I haven't been out for a run in some time. I'm hoping to resume soon.

While some are hoping for hotter weather to take a dip in the pool, this weather is perfect for a picnic in the park or a jaunt to a playground for the kiddies.

A colleague had mentioned an activity that she does with her daughter to find fun places to visit. She calls it "Playground Palooza." The two choose a day and visit are playgrounds, looking for the best sliding boards, climbing equipment and more.

I've taken my daughter to Albright's Woods in Orwigsburg, which is above the Memorial building off Route 443. The wooded area features playground equipment and a picnic pavilion. My daughter enjoys the metal slide and the swings there, as well as the jungle gym that has tube sliding.

When I head to northern Schuylkill to visit with family, there are times where we venture to Higher-Ups Park, which is next to the Pioneer Tunnel Coal Mine 7 Steam Train. Amber loves the wooden train that's not too far from the Lokie train ride, and there is a merry-go-round that we like to sit on and spin around.

I haven't been to Eureka Park, which is across town in Ashland, in years. I do remember, however, years back that there was a high slide that had many steps to climb and a wavy ride down. I wish it was still there.

Where are some of your favorite playground areas? Share them, and perhaps you'll give another mom out there a new place to try. And enjoy the warm but not-too-hot weather!