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In a little more than a week, Casey Anthony will be a free woman — free to party, free to work (if she can get a job), free to … have another baby?

Shutter if you might at the thought of it, but according news reports, the woman who was tried and acquitted in the murder of her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee Marie Anthony, has expressed interest in the idea of becoming a mother again in letters to a fellow inmate while incarcerated.

According to, Casey wrote in a letter to an Orlando County Jail inmate, “I’ve thought about adopting, which even sounds weird to me saying it, but there are so many children that deserve to be loved. Let’s make a deal? Let’s get pregnant together?”

The online magazine Irish Central, which posts stories all-things Irish, mentions the letters, in particularly because Casey, who is Irish-American and has said she is proud of that heritage (she reportedly has a shamrock tattoo on her back), expressed a desire to adopt a baby or child from another country.

“Is it selfish to want one from Ireland? Accent and all?” Casey wrote, according to the Irish Central article.

Heaven only knows what will become of Casey after she walks out of jail on July 17, but try as the world might not want to watch, many are curious. Will she be mourning the loss of her daughter — or is she now, in her own way? What the media is capturing on film, in photos and in writing doesn’t pick up on it.

In Thursday’s blog I wrote about a proposal that an Oklahoma woman began online called “Caylee’s Law,” requesting that a federal law be enacted to make it a felony if a parent fails to report a child missing within 24 hours or if a parent fails to report a child dead within an hour. While it has generated interest at fever pitch, a Facebook effort to shoot down such a proposal has also begun. “Caylee’s Law: NO. Stop the Emotional Campaign” only has five “likes” on it as of 5:51 p.m. EST Friday, July 8, 2011. In one of its posts, a supporter says, “Humans failed Caylee, not the law. Please stop the emotional campaign to introduce a law that has the POTENTIAL to slip into an area where parent’s rights and citizens rights are dictated by an Angry Mob instead of by our Constitution.”

What a tangled web this case has weaved and lives it has ruined. Like it or not, it’s closed. Reports indicate that civil suits may arise for Casey in the wake of the searches for Caylee that costs thousands and as a result of defamation alleged by Zenaida Fernandez-Gonzales, whose name and life were ruined as a result of Casey singling her out as “Zanny the Nanny” who kidnapped Caylee. Time will tell, I suppose.

Unless something huge results from the trial aftermath, this is the last time I will focus my blog on the Casey Anthony case. Rest in peace, sweet Caylee. You won’t soon be forgotten in the hearts, minds and prayers of many.