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The weather that graced Schuylkill County this weekend was better than anyone could ask for. Who wasn’t in the mood for summer?

Judging from the fun that the students at my daughter’s elementary school had Friday, I’d say the mood was right.

The school holds an annual Fun Day every spring on a Friday. Events begin in the morning and continue until about 2 p.m., when the students return to their classrooms for a treat from the Parent-Teacher Organization and, from what I saw, to unwind before heading home for the weekend.

I’ve volunteered every year since Amber’s been in school to help out where needed with activities. One year, I helped kids put on temporary tattoos. Last year, I assisted at a petting zoo set up outside. This year, I helped keep my daughter’s class together as they walked from activity to activity.

I was happy to find I got a bit of a workout — and a slight touch of sunburn. The workout consisted of holding an estimated 28 pounds in my arms as I hiked up the path from the school to the athletic field where the activities were taking place (the excess weight was my son). The sunburn ended up turning the lower part of my right arm pink. My left arm was never touched, because Jacob was on it most of the day!

Jacob somehow escaped getting any sun, but Amber got a touch of pink on her face, scalp and arms. There was even a small spot on the back of her neck. It was slightly painful due to the tightness of the skin, so I moisturized her plenty before bedtime Friday evening.

The pinkness presented a slight problem for Amber when Saturday arrived. She and some of her dance mates were slated to perform the tap dance number from this year’s recital at an event honoring National Tap Dance Day. The daylong event featured “master classes” with some top tap choreographers and concluded with a showcase performance. The classes were for ages 12 and up, and Amber and her classmates are under that age, but all ages were welcome for the showcase.

The girls wore their shiny black and silver skirts with tights and taps as they did for the recital, but sported red Tap Ties T-shirts in place of the Michael Jackson-like top they had worn for the recital. All had their hair pulled back from their faces, and some wore makeup.

I applied makeup to Amber’s eyes and lips as I have for recital photos and performances, but this time I added a light touch of foundation to shade the pink on her nose, forehead and cheeks. She was grateful for it, actually.

Makeup aside, the showcase was phenomenal. The overall talent, young and old, was incredible. And right there with it was my daughter. Her class’ routine to “Beat It” received lots of applause, hoots and hollers, and the girls loved every minute of it.

Amber enjoyed watching it all as well. I asked her if she learned a few pointers just by watching and appreciated others’ talents, and she said that she did.

Will she do it again next year? I guess we shall wait and see. If she does, I’m going to make sure that the sunscreen is applied well before she heads outdoors to sunny skies in the days leading up to showtime. And don’t worry, I usually do have it on hand as the days grow sunnier and entice us outdoors for activities.