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Are leggings permissible for girls to wear at school?

A middle school in Illinois allows the form-fitting style for its female students; however, according to an article on and shared on, a shirt, short skirt “or whatever they have on top” must reach the fingertip.

Some students and parents take offense to the ruling, noting that the school has been inconsistent in enforcing the dress code by singling out certain girls due to body type. On the other hand, the school and district officials maintain that the dress code never meant to make its female students feel self-conscious about their bodies or to “police” them, according to the article.

Other schools have faced the same fashion conundrum, according to the article, with not only leggings in the  spotlight. Add yoga pants and skinny jeans to the mix.

In an effort to combat the leggings-or-no-leggings controversy, many school districts, including several in Schuylkill County, have implemented uniform dress codes. My daughter may wear leggings so long as she wears a skirt, skort, jumper or polo shirt dress with them. This year, the school permitted jeans so long as they aren’t the blue denim kind.

The perennial battle cry that dress codes infringe on a students’ right to express himself or herself endures, but dressing appropriately during the school years carries into adulthood. Most every workplace has a dress code of sorts, especially for those working in an office setting or even a restaurant where some employees face the public. If the need to express one’s self fashionably is warranted, do it during free time outside of work or school.

OK parents, grandparents and others. Let’s hear your thoughts — to wear or not to wear leggings to school …