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As today's blog title says, "Happy fall, y'all!"

Where is this year going? Wasn't it just yesterday that we were fighting the cold of winter's wrath and celebrating the arrival of 2009? Just think, we're nearing the end of the first decade of the 21st century. Now that's hard to believe!

If I had to pick a favorite season of the year, it would have to be fall. I don't know what it is about the crisp, autumn air on a Friday night as high school football gets under way and the weekend kicks off, the changing leaves or the heat kicking on in the house on a Saturday morning as the sun shines through the window that gets me enthusiastic about the fall. Growing up, however, I wasn't so thrilled about the fall because of the fact that it meant another school year was starting up, which meant no more sleeping in daily and bouts of homework.

To me, the fall means breaking out the sweatshirts and jeans, going pumpkin hunting, attending high school football games and heading out to various fall-related and Halloween festivals and events. 

One outing has become a tradition for me and my friends. Every year, a group of us take our families on a wagon ride and pumpkin pick at an area business. It ends with a snack for the little ones, and they are also able to enjoy a play area that contains cutouts at which they can pose for pictures, sand, bubbles and more. For the past few years that we have gone, we've been blessed with sunny weather, and it's something that we all look forward to attending. This year, I look forward to taking Jacob on his first fall outings. He already attended his first football game!

Not sure what's out there? Take a look at the newspaper's calendar, and check the advertisements posted throughout the paper. You just might find something to your liking, and it could become a tradition to enjoy every fall season.

It won't be long and Halloween will be here. Do you have your costume ideas ready? We do in our family; actually, Amber's been scheming for the past year! I wouldn't be surprised if she has an idea already for next year.

As the fall begins, I wish you all a season filled with good things, good friends and good times. Enjoy!