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With healthy eating in mind, buying fruits and veggies is a big part of food shopping trips.

The last shopping excursion netted an array of them. I usually try and cut them up quickly to store and have ready for snacking. Cucumbers, I have happily learned, are popular in our house, so I went ahead and bought a double batch.

Sitting down last night with eight cucs, a peeler and a knife, I set to work. Peeling the green skins caught my son’s eye.

“Can I do it?” he asked.

Sure, why not?

I went to show him how to use the peeler. He kind of shrugged me off, saying something like, “I know what to do.”

OK then.

As he started peeling and I continued slicing, I told him that learning to cook and prep food is a good thing. His Pa-Pa — my dad — cooks often. He’s health-conscious. Many of his dishes are fresh and delicious.

I took a phone call as Jacob sat and meticulously finished the five remaining cucumbers. He made a nice pile of skins on a plate and placed the freshly peeled cucs on another plate. I finished slicing them for easy snacking.

It looks like I have a little helper to slice, dice and store fruits and veggies. It also looks like he’s on the right track to learning a little bit of food prep.

Here’s to a new adventure. …

Speaking of adventure, this blog entry marks the 1,000th one that I have written for Mommy Mentions since it began in the spring of 2008. I hope you have enjoyed the entries in which I’ve shared my parent experiences and looked at local, state and national stories concerning children, education and parenting and more. If you have any ideas or stories to share, please comment on the blog or contact me at

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