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Perusing Facebook updates this morning I came across prayers, photos and heartfelt sympathies for a baby boy named Hayden Jeter Dorsett.

Born March 12 of this year at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, a blog page called “Hayden’s Heart” indicated that the little man was diagnosed with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome (HLHS) when his mother was 20 weeks pregnant. It wasn’t too long after that that he was diagnosed with a coarctation, or narrowing, of the aortic arch, which means the left ventricle of the heart has to pump harder to overcome the narrowing and make the heart work.

Hayden’s family knew what they were up against when he was born, but together they rallied and helped him fight this obstacle. Prayers flowed from extended “family” via his blog and a FB page called “Prayer Page for Baby Hayden,” that latter of which, as of this writing, has 15,000-plus “Likes.”

Hayden passed away Thursday (Aug. 16, 2012), and as I read posts and blog entries my heart aches for this family. I can only imagine what they have gone through and what they are going through as they prepare their final farewells to him. May God bless the Dorsett family during their time of sorrow and hold them in His loving care.

It is reading and knowing about families like this when you realize that your troubles and bumps in the road are just that — bumps that will flatten as time passes. You hear your own babies in the other room arguing over something so minute as to what cartoon to watch, and you think that they’ll resolve it soon enough. It’ll go away.

It makes you want to hold onto your own children, to feel their little arms wrapped around your neck, to kiss their little cheeks, savor the smell of their shampooed hair and wish the moment would last longer than it does. 

Rest in peace, Baby Hayden.