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Is anyone tired of hearing and reading about the marital woes of Jon and Kate Gosselin?

I'm getting there. I used to enjoy the show, but now it's becoming too painful to watch.

Right now the tabloids are all abuzz about Kate's venture to Bald Head Island in North Carolina with the eight kids, two bodyguards and nannies in tow (sans Jon). … their stay in a beach house that cost more than $10,000 after all was said and done. … Kate's pulling twins Cara and Mady out of school to film the vacation … and Jon's staying behind, but then taking on daddy duties when the twins returned early from the vacation.

It would be nice if the couple would figure out what they are doing, whether that is work things out or go their separate ways. It's really a shame how they are playing their family's story — as they say, "warts and all" — out in the public eye.

Of course, we all want a happy ending. Who doesn't? But do Jon and Kate want that happy ending too? 

What are your thoughts? Judging from responses and views to previous postings about them, I'm sure that there are many.

Feel free to share your comments, and have a good week!