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I guess you could say I hit the jackpot while late-night Halloween costume shopping.

I didn’t find a bat costume per say for my little guy, but I have all the makings to create our version of Monster High’s Count Fabulous (if you didn’t read the previous blog, and aren’t familiar with Monster High, that would be Draculaura’s pet bat, or BBF — her “Best Bat Forever”).

I purchased a pair of black Garanimals sweatpants and a long-sleeve, black Halloween shirt that features a glow-in-the-dark rib cage. I found a package of colorful foam pieces (with the needed colors) and black pipe cleaners.

And so the work begins.

I’ll take the red foam and cut out patterns for a red bow tie and vest. I’ll attach the pipe cleaners to the bow tie to fasten it around Jacob’s neck.

For the bat wings, I’ll use the black wings from from Jacob’s devil costume he wore last year. All I need to do is attach elastic bands to slip through his arms to keep the wings in place. His bat ears will come to life with black foam pieces cut and formed, then attached to a black headband.

With a Monday evening free, I’m hoping to get everything in place. That completed, I need to assemble Amber’s Rainbow Fairy costume for our Halloween parade on Wednesday when she marches with her Brownie Girl Scout troop.

The ensemble to create “Amber the Orange Fairy” is almost ready. Amber needs to finish her necklace (one of the requirements for a crafty Brownie badge), and I need to create a belt with a yellow star in the middle and a ponytail holder with three yellow stars (this is where the yellow foam pieces come into play). Oh yes, and touch up her wand.

It will all get done in the end. It always does. And it always works out, somehow. I’m confident!

Is anyone out there making costumes for their little ones this year? Feel free to post your ideas and stories. Have a great week, and thank you for reading Mommy Mentions!