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He toddled toward me with a copy of Margaret Wise Brown’s classic “Goodnight Moon” and another book called “Baby Touch and Feel Puppy Love.”

The latter, written by Louise Rupnik, features fuzzy ears and bellies, satiny bowties for two dogs and a coarse feel of a wicker basket for a child to experience as the book is read to him.

Holding the books in his little extended arms, Jacob looked at me and said, “Read!”

“Oh, do you want me to read you the stories?” I asked him, giving him a surprise look. (After all, his verbal command did catch me off guard. He had never asked me to “read!” before.)

“Ya!” he replied, his little mouth showing me a toothy grin.

So he crawled in my lap in the middle of my bed and we read two of his favorite books before bedtime. “Goodnight Moon” is a classic, and the copy I have was Amber’s. We received it when she was a baby.

Amber loves to read. She always has. While I still read aloud at bedtime to her and Jacob, she will sometimes take on the bedtime story duties with Jacob. One evening last week she sat with her little brother in her lap and together they paged through a book. I took a photo on my phone, but I still haven’t uploaded it to my computer. I’m trying to figure that out. I know computers, but I will admit that I am not that well-versed in their workings!

Jacob’s vocabulary continues to expand, and thanks to Santa bringing him Leap Frog’s Fridge Phonics Magnetic Alphabet Set, he is beginning to identify letters by sight and sound. He is stringing more and more words together in sentences, and that is music to my ears. It seemed like he would never start talking, but deep down I knew he would when he was ready.

So I will listen to those “read!” pleas and commands. It’s fun time and learning time for me and my little boy!