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Once we got settled Sunday evening for sleepy time, I breathed a small sigh of relief. It felt to finally sit down and relax!

The Thanksgiving week/weekend was a busy one in our household. As I blogged Saturday (Nov. 24, 2012), my daughter danced in the 33rd annual production of Schuylkill Ballet Theatre’s “The Nutcracker.” She did fantastic, and as any mom would be, I’m proud as a peacock.

Amber nailed every step, turn and expression. She was joyful as a party girl in the opening scene, fearful yet steady as a baby doll in the soldier/mice fight scene, proud as a prancing reindeer as she helped pull the sled leading Clara and her Nutcracker Prince into the Land of Sweets and sweet and heavenly as a cherub in the first and last scenes of Act II.

The days leading up to the two weekend performances proved busy. Wednesday took us to the auditorium for a technical rehearsal that also required Amber to bring two of her four costumes to practice a quick change — and by quick, meaning less than a minute — and placing a bouncy bunch of curls in her hair. The quick change succeeded, and so did the curls!

Thursday provided some relaxation and family time (see previous blog, Nov. 24, 2012) and Friday meant dress rehearsal — all four costumes, hair and makeup done — and stage mom duties for me. I helped backstage during the Saturday evening performance and got to sit and watch the show during Sunday’s performance.

Dancing continues this Christmas season for her, as her dance school will present a Christmas show on Saturday, Dec. 8, 2012. Amber and her classmates will perform a jazz number in costumes that resemble candy canes. Sweet, if you ask me (no pun intended!), and with just one costume and one number to worry about, it’ll be a little less busy and a little more relaxing.

As this week gets off to a start, my daughter, like most students in Pennsylvania, has the day off. She and her brother are spending the day with their daddy, and looking ahead the week isn’t as activity-laden as the last one.

That said, I go back to that one word: Whew! Have a great week, and here’s hoping that your week goes well too!