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The war on the post-baby bodies/mamma bodies continues.

Some take it in stride. Others cry. Some fight back, and this week it spawned a revolution to say it’s okay to have a “squishy” body.

Pop singer Pink (or P!nk, her official stage name) attended a cancer benefit over the weekend to support a doctor friend receiving an honor for work in the battle against the disease. Photographed in a black, tea-length dress with a plunging neckline, Pink looked lovely. And healthy. And beautiful.

Perhaps she didn’t look as toned or rock hard with those awesome abs so many have seen her sport in the past, but hey, abs aren’t everything.

Critics disagreed.

On Sunday, Pink called out the critics on social media. They messed with the wrong mamma.

First, she said the benefit wasn’t about her body.

“But unfortunately, my weight seems much more important to some of you …” she wrote on Twitter.

Pink said the dress might not have looked as well as it did in her kitchen (she would post a photo of her and tot daughter Willow Sage in said dress), but the frock made her feel “very pretty” and “beautiful.”

“I am perfectly fine, perfectly happy, and my healthy, voluptuous and crazy strong body is having some much deserved time off,” she continued to write. She signed off by saying, “Love, cheesecake.’

Good for you, Pink!

Captioning the Tweeted photo, Pink said her little girl had grabbed her belly and said, ” ‘mama-why r u so squishy?’ And I said.. ‘b/cuz I’m happy baby’ ” (sic).

Bring on the “squishy revolution.” Ordinary moms tweeted photos of their own “squishies” — at the beach, post-Marathon and with the reasons for their squishies — their children.

And what does Pink’s husband, BMX star Carey Hart, think of the squishiness?

Apparently, a lot. Pink Tweeted a photo of her and Carey at the benefit with the caption, “and my hubby says ‘it’s just more to love baby’ …”

Nobody’s perfect, and we’re all human. Some moms drop baby weight faster than others. Drop or not, some choose happiness in and with their own skin. Maybe Pink will work to rock the abs again when touring resumes. For now, she’s happy with her body, her hubby and her little girl. And her little family’s love is worth more than any critic’s harsh words.

Well played, Pink. Well played. Now if you choose, serve yourself a slice of cheesecake! 😉