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TLC has made it official: "Jon and Kate Plus 8" will be no more.

The reality show documenting the lives of Jon and Kate Gosselin's 9-year-old twins and 5-year-old sextuplets will still air, but it will be called "Kate Plus Eight," the network announced Tuesday.

The change in the TLC network's most popular reality show goes into effect Nov. 2, turning its focus toward Kate raising her brood as a single mom. Jon will still make occasional appearances, however, according to TLC president and general manager Eileen O'Neill.

Wow. It's been a crazy year for the Gosselins. Jon and Kate announced their separation in a June episode amid rumors of infidelity and marital strife. Since then, their story has been exposed in the tabloids, magazines and on the talk-show circuits in he-said, she-said format. Jon's been seen with different women, including the daughter of the plastic surgeon who did Kate's tummy tuck. Kate has made appearances as a guest host on ABC's "The View," and TLC notes that another series featuring Kate might debut in 2010 "to explore her other interests."

I wonder what those interests are. I guess we'll need to stay tuned to find out.

I haven't really watched the show since the Gosselins announced their separation. It's just not the same. I miss that team effort that Jon and Kate had when they first started the show. They had humble beginnings, but obviously fame went to their heads. It was nice also seeing others involved in the kids' upbringing, among them "Nana Janet" and "Aunt Jodi." But as Kate says, "The show must go on," with or without Jon and with or without family and friends.

Ah, the price of fame. 

It'll be interesting to see if the show maintains a following sans Jon, and if Jon will end up with a TV project of his own. In the world of reality TV, anything seems possible.