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Just like Linus, my son loves his blanket.

Just like that “Peanuts” character, the favorite blanket is blue.

Unlike Linus, however, Jacob’s blanket has begun to show signs of wear and tear. Literally.

“Linus Blankie” sported holes lately in each corner of its four corners. Jacob asked if I could sew those holes closed and make the blanket more wholesome again. Having time Monday evening, and having to repair elastic and satin ribbons on my daughter’s pointe shoes, I set to work.

I need to backtrack here. This wasn’t the first stitching project for Linus Blankie. My one niece had sewn a tear while visiting during the Christmas holiday, while I followed up with another spot (actually, in one of the recent torn spots) a few days later.

In both instances, my niece and I used regular thread. This time, I decided to go one stronger and use dental floss.

Huh? Yes. You read that right. I used plain white dental floss to stitch the blanket holes shut. I use it as well to sew my daughter’s pointe shoe ribbons and elastics per a YouTube tutorial (see my blog entry “Getting the pointe” from March 19, 2015). The instructor in the video said the floss provides a stronger hold. It really does. However, lots of pointe shoe use lately meant repairs were warranted.

Back to the blanket, the stitches sewn, a little boy is happy and content. Mommy hopes this stitch job is the last one for a while. 🙂