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She didn’t get the part, but she ended up the top girl for the part.

My daughter auditioned for the role of “moonwalker” for her third-grade class’ rendition of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.” The student would do the backward slide as the class sings the song at the annual choral concert.

From what I understand, the choral director had interested girls and boys each perform their best version of the moonwalk, narrowing it down to the top boy and girl. Amber slid her way to the top girl candidate and hoped for the best.

She got the news when school resumed Tuesday (Jan. 29, 2013) after having a snow day Monday. With a slight pout, she told me that the top boy, with whom she is friends, got the part.

While I, too, had hoped she would be the moonwalker, I looked at the bright side of the experience. I told Amber that she should be proud that she had the courage to try and that she was the “last girl standing.”

Sure, in today’s world it’s all about do or die, win or lose and second place is not an option. But let’s face it, somebody has to win, and somebody has to lose. Somebody gets the gold, while another gets the silver.  If you lose, do it gracefully and learn from the experience. Take what you’ve learned and if you try again, try harder.

Persistence eventually pays off. Just take a look at the stories of some celebrities out there. Legend has it that Walt Disney worked for a newspaper and was fired from it because he lacked imagination (look who got the last laugh in that situation!).

I told my daughter that I am proud of her effort, and that while it would have been nice to see her as the moonwalker or a soloist or a speaker during the concert, her standing with her class and singing the songs  is what matters to me. As far as her being a top singer, she will be in the literal sense: She’ll be one of the students standing on the top risers.

Break a leg, my girl!