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Baskets. Eggs. Chocolate. Peeps. That plastic Easter grass that tends to be everywhere but in the basket.

Did I mention chocolate?

It’s Easter aftermath, and we’re left swimming in what seems like a swarm of chocolate eggs and figures. Of course, eating all of it in big portions isn’t good for our figures, but a little bit of chocolate goes a long way to satisfy the sweet tooth and soothe the soul (I’m sure most moms and dads out there will agree with me).

The chocolate at our house will more than likely go a long way, but hopefully will be gone by summer’s arrival. Well, if I know my household, it will be — at least among myself, my husband and daughter. The little guy doesn’t have a big sweet tooth, but he enjoys unwrapping the chocolate, taking a nibble or two and leaving it somewhere in the house.

Oh, what fun, too. I discovered the first ant of spring in the kitchen today. Looks like we’ll need to keep eagle eyes out for left-behind chocolate. And of course the milk chocolate melts in Jacob’s hands and not in his mouth, and ends up on his pants and everything else in his reach.

Well, I guess what I’m trying to say here is the Easter Bunny is like Santa Claus at Christmas: Too good to the kiddos. They only went to two Easter egg hunts and enjoyed another at my parents’ house thanks to their Aunt Sarah. There were only a few jellybeans this year, but loads of chocolate, including a half-pound solid chocolate bunny my daughter received at an egg hunt at my mom’s workplace.

In addition to the chocolate, the Easter Bunny left each of my little ones with gifts in their baskets, as he does every year. Amber received the Disney DVD “Enchanted” and two small bottles of Love’s Baby Soft perfume. I’ve worn the stuff since I was in high school, and yes, I still wear it. Amber has taken a liking to it, so the bunny got her some, too! Jacob got a Lightning McQueen baseball hat and a pair of Thomas the Tank Engine pajamas. He wore them to bed Easter night and looked adorable in them!

Amber had requested another item from the bunny, and that was a Happy Napper — described on the official website as “The Perfect Play Pillow.” It is a habitat that reverses to become a 21-inch stuffed animal. On the website are a barn that transforms to a cow, doghouse to dog, bungalow to ladybug, castle to dragon, palace to unicorn, and igloo to penguin.

Well, the only place I found them was online, plus the bunny’s financial aid was a little scarce in the weeks leading up to Easter, so … it’ll be coming in the mail in the next two weeks or so, he wrote to her. One for Jacob too. She’s elated.

So am I. Another stuffed animal in the house. Well, another pillow, in addition to their Pillow Pets.

I guess I shouldn’t complain. They’re practical in that they provide play as well as comfort for my little ones. That’s two things about which I can be happy as a mom — tidings of comfort and play. Heck, let’s add joy to the mix. It can’t hurt, right?