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What is it about mommy’s makeup that intrigues little girls?

The red lipstick. The colorful tubes of nail polish. Long lashes and colorful eyelashes. Oh yes, and don’t forget the pink blusher to make those lil’ cheeks even rosier!

It looks like singer/actress Jessica Simpson’s daughter, Maxwell Drew, wants to look like mommy all dolled up. According to several Internet outlets and celeb publications, the toddler, 2 1/2, found Jessica’s lip gloss. Proud mom posted two photos on Instagram of her little girl bearing shiny lips and a handful of glosses.

“Someone got into Mommy’s lipgloss,” Jessica captioned the photo of her girl showing her glossed lips.

For the gloss-clutching pic, the caption reads, “I need to move my lipgloss drawer!” May favorites always get taken by the 2yr (sic) old!”

Call it wanting to dress up, look grown up or just be like mommy. Little girls grow up all too soon. Before you know it, some of those girls are sporting eye shadow, liner, mascara and so forth.

For my tween, the occasional makeup thing has begun. It’s usually a touch of eye shadow and maybe a dash of lip gloss. It does, however, get fancier, as it has since she was 4 years old, for dance recitals and productions. Lucky for her, mascara is a non-factor. Her lashes are naturally long. One recital we tried just a touch of the lash enhancer. Let’s just say it was once and done: She had daddy long-legged lashes!

Nail polish has been a fun thing to do since the toddler days. Her little nails are holly berry red in her Christmas photos at age 3, and her gymnastic photo that same year shows dotted red toenails. Fun time for mommy and daughter — at least that’s how I see it.

Maybe little boys out there have gotten into mommy’s makeup too, albeit out of curiosity. My son, at about 2 years old, found a bottle of dark-pink nail polish as I got ready for work one morning. Needless to say, he had pink nails and fingertips before I knew it. I have to admit, he did a pretty good job of “staying in the fingernails.” He proudly showed me his handiwork as I walked into the living room. Oh, boy! An extra task to do before heading to work — removing the amateur hand art. Ha ha …

Just like mommy does. 🙂